So, what was with the weird comments?

I’m noticing that some anonymous user (or script) has been adding the following comments…and I really don’t know why:

  • It’s nice here
  • Who fool the tricks of time
  • I’m searching for more
  • I agree with this

We get so few comments, that I don’t want to remove them if someone out there just uses a macro or something to comment on stories. 😉 But, when I start seeing two of them on the same story, I’m getting ready to remove them. Anyone know the scoop?

  • Daniel Holmes
    So, what was with the weird comments?
    So, now I know. This morning some kind soul sent me an email telling me that the site was filled with anonomous comments of a questionable nature.

    I’ll post more information in a bit.

  • steaven
    Re: So, what was with the weird comments?
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