Three PHP Frameworks Compared/Contrasted

IBM DeveloperWorks has posted the first part of a five-part series on three PHP frameworks: Zend Framework, symfony, and CakePHP. In this series, the author will build a web application using each of the three frameworks.

Part I: Getting Started
Part II: Building the application in each of the frameworks – compare and contrast.
Part III: Weaknesses in each of the frameworks when extending the application
Part IV: AJAX support
Part V: Working outside of the frameworks

  • Tim
    Re: Three PHP Frameworks Compared/Contrasted
    I’m always interested in balanced comparisons of various technologies (maybe just to offset my own biases : ) but I’m a little concerned about this one. The author is fairly condescending and it’s not clear whether this is directed at newbies or seasoned developers. Just for fun, I put together a [url=]list[/url] of all the times in this short intro that he suggests the content is too difficult for the reader.
  • Eric Poe
    Re: Three PHP Frameworks Compared/Contrasted
    [url=]Part II[/url] has been posted