June Coffeeshop Hangout

Some things we discussed today:

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Event Reminders
  • Lawrence Coders Hack Day – July 11, 2013
  • Nomad PHP (virtual) – Laravel 4, Phil Sturgeon
    June 27, 2013 8:00 pm (CDT)
    We also talked about Laravel as a good candidate for starting a new system
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Thank you for the great discussions everyone!

If you have things you want to make sure people know, be sure to add it to the comments below!

May Coffee Hangout

Some things we discussed today:

Upcoming Events

Great networking opportunities of in KC

Major Updates in the PHP world:

We had lots of great conversations that didn’t necessarily have a “link” to go along with it.  If you didn’t go, you should have been there!  If you did thanks for the great discussions!!

If you have things you want to make sure people know, be sure to add it to the comments below!

Red Nova Labs Hosting in October

Red Nova Labs
4830 Rainbow Blvd
Westwood, KS 66205

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I wanted to thank our new friends at Red Nova Labs for hosting our meeting in October!  We will still be meeting at 2:30pm on the third Saturday, but this time in the city of Westwood!

They have generously agreed to open their doors to us–even for our usual Saturday time slot! Just park in the lot across 49th street, walk in the front door and down the steps–you can’t miss it!

Be sure to check this website or the meetup page in the months to come for details on our meeting location.

July 21, 2012 – Today’s Thriving PHP Ecosystem


Most people who actively work with PHP every day rarely confine themselves to just PHP.

PHP Developers have access to a nearly dizzying array of tools, packages, language features, QA tools and countless frameworks and styles to develop with.  In this Tour of the PHP Ecosystem, long time PHP enthusiast Dan Holmes will attempt to highlight many of the projects and developments that have come of age in recent years.

Whether you have long settled on one particular style or framework for development, or just looking at PHP for the first time, we are sure you will spot something fresh you hadn’t seen before.